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Can Acupuncture Eliminate your Pain?

I am confident that acupuncture will lessen or eliminate your headaches and any stress and anxiety related to it.

I have treated many patients (especially women) who suffered headaches for years, all with excellent results. Oftentimes, the root of a headache lies in a strong energy imbalance of the Wood and / or Kidney element.

By restoring these elements to balance, we often see striking results in a reduction of pain, and headaches can even disappear. 

Anxiety is the bane of this era. We all learn to live with it, but the body never lies. We experience anxiety as emotional discomfort, though it has much deeper roots.

Emotions like anxiety are real poisons to the body.

When we live in a constant state of anxiety, our wonderful body systems can “crash.”

Initially, this shows up as a slowing down of qi. This makes us feel tired and might even leave us feeling “swollen.”

First, our breath becomes shallow, blocked. Soon after, we experience sleep disorders, and muscle tension in the neck and head. Tendinitis and back pain can occur.

These symptoms tell you that something isn’t right, that your qi isn’t flowing as it should.

Chinese Medicine looks upon emotions as internal pathogens. That’s right! Real pathogens that attack the balance of our bodies and can create emotional and physical damage.

You must intervene and do something about your anxiety before it creates severe health issues.


Acupuncture helps lessen or eliminate pain in the body by increasing the body’s self-healing abilities—I do this by stimulating specific acupuncture points, also known as acupoints. The stimulation opens blocked channels (meridians) in the body.

Typically, acupuncture involves stimulating acupoints by inserting fine, sterile needles into the skin (the use of needles for acupuncture is highly regulated—the needles I use are sterile and disposable).

In simpler terms, acupuncture eliminates pain by opening up your meridian channels so your Qi can flow throughout your body without restriction.

In Chinese Medicine, it is said that where there is pain there is blockage. For this reason, the unblocking of your meridian channels helps the body control pain (whether it’s a headache or other pain).

After I have carefully evaluated your current situation, we can discuss which techniques I can use for you: acupuncture, Moxa, cupping, or herbs.

An initial visit is necessary for me to determine the best treatment option that will work for you. Even if you suffer from the same symptoms as another patient, your own situation will be somewhat different from this other patient. A treatment that works for one person might not work for another.

WebMD states a study where the participants’ headaches and migraines diminished or disappeared after acupuncture treatments.


Many studies have proven acupuncture safe and effective for the relief of migraine headaches.

It does it by restoring the flow of positive energy throughout the body.  Blockages in your Qi cause the tension that in turns causes the headache or migraine.

One finds the acupoints near nerves in the body. The acupuncture needle stimulates the nerves to release endorphins and other hormones. This triggers a healing response.

Studies have shown that acupuncture improves quality of life and reduces the need for migraine medication.

Treatment involves recognition of a patient’s specific symptoms, as these are unique to each individual.

In addition to acupuncture, I might use Chinese herbal remedies, massage, and prescribe specific exercises to restore balance to your whole body which in turn reduces or eliminates headaches.

I can help relieve your pain

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I can even come to you so you don’t stress over coming to my clinic.

Maria Sole Dal Re


We all know what stress feels like, but few know WHAT it is.

Essentially, stress is how the body reacts to changes that require us to make adjustments to our lives, or require a response from us; the more immediate the requirement, the higher the stress. The body reacts to these needed changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.

Stress will always be a part of your life. The only thing you can control is how you react to it.

Stress comes from our environment, body, and most often from our thoughts. We think we only experience stress when subjected to negative events, but even positive events can cause stress.

Think wedding (happy to marry, but the wedding is stressful), the birth of a child (elation coupled with the “oh my goodness, can I do this?”), or a new love relationship and the excitement that comes with it.

These life events, though positive, all cause stress.

And stressful events, such as being in a high emotional state, don’t allow qi to flow freely, they block it. As you now know when qi is blocked the wheel of the 5 elements goes out of balance.

We cannot avoid stressful events, but we can “go with the flow” and try to overcome the storm in the best possible way. Just like a boat in the ocean can’t control a storm, but can “surf” the waves, so can you control the storms of emotions you experience while you wait for the sun to shine again.

Acupuncture helps with this by opening up your flow of qi.


Studies have shown that the use of acupuncture can reduce or improve the state of your health without negative side effects!

I use ear acupuncture, body acupuncture, and sometimes both to help relieve anxiety. Ear acupuncture along with body acupuncture slows down production of stress hormones in the body, which lessens anxiety.

Though you might experience minimal bruising or some dizziness, these are nothing compared to the serious side effects of pharmaceutical drugs which include dependency.

It has been shown that even just one treatment can lessen anxiety and results improve with each treatment.

Many techniques for which I have specialized physiotherapy training improve breathing which helps manage stress.

Ancient Knowledge


Man’s well-being is inextricably linked to inner balance, and to the harmony and health of the things that surround him. In other words, the harmony or disharmony of the things that surround Man can affect his own inner balance.

Energy in our bodies must flow freely so that the magic of our luminous being can fully express itself.

Our deepest self emerges when our body, mind, and spirit are in balance.

When out of balance, health issues, whether physical, mental or emotional, occur.

TCM sees health as the result of well-balanced thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, and nutrition.

Disease comes from imbalances in the above.

We often live lives we don’t like. We feel “stuck” in situations from which we think we cannot get out, which results in a life out of balance. Living an imbalanced life brings about pain and disease. Think of it as an alarm bell warning you that something is wrong, that a fire needs to be put out, that things in your body, mind, and spirit are out of balance and need to be rebalanced.

TCM treats pain differently than Western medicine.

TCM doesn’t see physical pain as something to “fight,” but as a message to be decoded. It finds the root of the imbalance and restores balance. You then feel like your best vibrant self once again.

Chinese medicine is not only a superb curative medicine.  It helps prevent illness.

Even if you are not currently experiencing pain, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can find your constitutional weaknesses and help support them—which strengthens them.  

This helps prevent future illness, increases your well-being, and boosts your body’s ability to recover after an illness.

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Cristina Gazza
Cristina Gazza
Dopo aver avuto per anni sintomi da menopausa, finalmente sono riuscita a dormire bene e a non avere più le caldane . Ho avuto una zoom call con Maria Sole che alla fine mi ha prescritto le erbe medicinali. Dopo poco tempo da quando ho iniziato a prendere le erbe la mia vita é cambiata. Maria Sole é molto competente ed é stata attenta nel seguirmi passo per passo. La consiglio caldamente.
Ho conosciuto Maria Sole perché soffrivo di continui mal di testa, ma grazie all’agopuntura e alle erbe mi sono passati. Consiglio vivamente per la grande professionalità.
E. A. B.
E. A. B.
Maria Sole is a very attentive and kind therapist. We had an online herbal consultation that led to an easy and effective way to treat and ease my cistitis problems. After a short time my painful symptoms were gone and I drank the specific herbal mixture for a time after in order to avoid future relapses. I am very satisfied of the results and I truly recommend her professional consultation.
salah maiza
salah maiza
Maria exhibits an unparalleled level of knowledge and professionalism when it comes to Chinese medicine. I had an amazing experience being treated for high stress level. I highly recommend her.
Claudia Macpherson
Claudia Macpherson
Maria-Sole is an angel! She is such a healing force of nature. Patient, kind and very empathetic as well as an amazing acupuncturist, her Chinese herbs are the best I’ve come across. They are made with expertise, love and great knowledge. I thoroughly recommend this lady to everyone having any issues at all!
Giovanni Stassano
Giovanni Stassano
Ha risolto i miei problemi come sempre in maniera efficace! Grande esperienza e competenza! Grazie!!
Francesca Castronovo
Francesca Castronovo
Maria is a talented and caring professional. Her interest in the individual is attentive and my own experience of my treatments with her were calming and soothing and the results improved my well being enormously from blocked ears, stomach issues, headaches and anxiety. My own questions were answered with patience and kindness and her love and passion for her work is inspiring.
Asli Tavus
Asli Tavus
Fantastic service and felt so comforted! Love it.
Laurie Glenn
Laurie Glenn
Absolutely love working with Maria. She is beyond skilled and uses a mix of treatments as needed to support you and get you back to feeling just like yourself!
isabella olivia
isabella olivia
Maria Sole is a brilliant practitioner, her vast experience and knowledge is put at the service of her patients in a professional and respectful manner. Very effective.

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