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What Can Facial Acupuncture Do for You?

I specialize in Facial Acupuncture, a very effective treatment for removal of wrinkles and facial blemishes.

It does this by stimulating your natural collagen which tones your skin and makes it more elastic.

Yet, most people think Facial Acupuncture does only that, when in reality it does so much more!

The face has areas that correspond to points on the whole body. I can treat the wrinkles on your face while also treating disharmonies present elsewhere in your body.  

For instance, the stressful lives we often live result in facial wrinkles. When the body is subjected to excessive stress, Wood (Liver/Gall bladder) is one of the first elements that goes into dysfunction. This in turn creates a chain of symptoms, causes us to feel tired, stuck, unable to move on from stagnant situations.

When this occurs, Facial Acupuncture helps restore harmony to the body, making us feel better, more beautiful, as well as remove wrinkles!

Keep reading to discover how, while Facial Acupuncture “erases” your wrinkles and brightens your face, it also restores balance to your body.


  1. 10 treatments twice a week, for five weeks
  2. You might see results immediately, or it might take longer. Wrinkles are the physical evidence of the feelings you have experienced thus far and those you feel now. Each person sees results differently based on his or her current condition and lifestyle prior to treatment.

At a minimum, I advise you to do at least 5 treatments fairly close together in time. Afterward, we can evaluate whether to continue at twice a week or slow it down to once a week until you have used all of your sessions.

You’ll see that Facial Acupuncture does a beautiful job of purifying your skin and restoring balance to your whole body.


  1. Eliminates fine lines and diminishes large wrinkles
  2. Improves your muscle tone and skin tightening on the face and neck
  3. Helps nourish and balance your ENTIRE body
  4. Detoxifies the skin and your face becomes more radiant as a result
  5. It is effective on acne, rosacea and age spots
  6. Increases production of your natural collagen which firms your skin and fills wrinkles
  7. Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
  8. Decreases facial swelling and bags under the eyes by improving your circulation

words of wisdom

What Maria Says  About Facial Acupuncture

I promise you I will put all my professionalism and passion into your treatments because I want you to be at your healthiest and at your most beautiful!

Maria Sole Dal Re



In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I can treat your whole body—or treat just one part of it, and you will see improvement to other parts of your body at the same time. 

Science has proven that all 5 Elements found in the Universe are also present in each of the cells in our bodies. One cell contains all 5 Elements.

This means that each of your cells contain the whole universe, all connected through the energy system of your body.

I treat a wrinkle and, at the same time, detoxify your liver and gall bladder, which facilitates the circulation of qi, your Energy.

Ancient Knowledge


The central underlying principle in Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi is the vital force that forms part of any living entity.

Qi is the root of all human beings, the origin of the visible world and the basis of all-natural phenomena.


Qi is the root of all human beings, the origin of the visible world and the basis of all-natural phenomena.

“If the Qi condenses the form appears”.

Zhang Jingyue



This ancient phrase perfectly sums up the meaning of qi. Some state that matter is qi condensed, therefore it is energy turned to matter and vice versa.

The Einstein theory concerning the bidirectional transmutation of energy and matter confirms this ancient physical principle.


“Every birth is a condensation of Qi. Every death is its dispersion.”

Zhang Zai, 1020-1077

This important Confucian philosopher emphasizes how, in the universe,

 nothing is created and nothing is destroyed.


Imagine your qi (energy) as water flowing in a river, and the river as the energy meridians of your body. The qi flows along your energy meridians.

If a river is blocked, for instance, debris clogs a narrow portion of it, the water can’t flow as easily as it does without the blockages. As in a river, when your qi gets blocked by issues, it can’t flow property along your meridians and this causes health issues.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, all diseases stem from an altered flow of qi. Therefore, if we restore its correct flow, the body can find its way back to balance which heals it.


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Based on 13 reviews
Cristina Gazza
Cristina Gazza
Dopo aver avuto per anni sintomi da menopausa, finalmente sono riuscita a dormire bene e a non avere più le caldane . Ho avuto una zoom call con Maria Sole che alla fine mi ha prescritto le erbe medicinali. Dopo poco tempo da quando ho iniziato a prendere le erbe la mia vita é cambiata. Maria Sole é molto competente ed é stata attenta nel seguirmi passo per passo. La consiglio caldamente.
Ho conosciuto Maria Sole perché soffrivo di continui mal di testa, ma grazie all’agopuntura e alle erbe mi sono passati. Consiglio vivamente per la grande professionalità.
E. A. B.
E. A. B.
Maria Sole is a very attentive and kind therapist. We had an online herbal consultation that led to an easy and effective way to treat and ease my cistitis problems. After a short time my painful symptoms were gone and I drank the specific herbal mixture for a time after in order to avoid future relapses. I am very satisfied of the results and I truly recommend her professional consultation.
salah maiza
salah maiza
Maria exhibits an unparalleled level of knowledge and professionalism when it comes to Chinese medicine. I had an amazing experience being treated for high stress level. I highly recommend her.
Claudia Macpherson
Claudia Macpherson
Maria-Sole is an angel! She is such a healing force of nature. Patient, kind and very empathetic as well as an amazing acupuncturist, her Chinese herbs are the best I’ve come across. They are made with expertise, love and great knowledge. I thoroughly recommend this lady to everyone having any issues at all!
Giovanni Stassano
Giovanni Stassano
Ha risolto i miei problemi come sempre in maniera efficace! Grande esperienza e competenza! Grazie!!
Francesca Castronovo
Francesca Castronovo
Maria is a talented and caring professional. Her interest in the individual is attentive and my own experience of my treatments with her were calming and soothing and the results improved my well being enormously from blocked ears, stomach issues, headaches and anxiety. My own questions were answered with patience and kindness and her love and passion for her work is inspiring.
Asli Tavus
Asli Tavus
Fantastic service and felt so comforted! Love it.
Laurie Glenn
Laurie Glenn
Absolutely love working with Maria. She is beyond skilled and uses a mix of treatments as needed to support you and get you back to feeling just like yourself!
isabella olivia
isabella olivia
Maria Sole is a brilliant practitioner, her vast experience and knowledge is put at the service of her patients in a professional and respectful manner. Very effective.

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