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My life and career journeys have taken me on a beautiful meandering path. It led me to helping others heal by treating the whole body, my most fervent passion. 

I believe our bodies far more capable than what we know and see.  

As you might know, our universe is more invisible than visible. And despite advances in science, we still don’t understand everything about our bodies because so much of what makes them work remains invisible.

You see, the energy field of our bodies have a strong healing force.  We need only tap into it, something I am passionate about helping patients do through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

My chosen path and ongoing studies remain a source of passion, personal growth, and awareness for me.

My studies as a healer began through physiotherapy. After my graduation, I continued learning through specialized courses focused on working on the body as a whole rather than on specific areas only. 





My Story

Knowing how all parts of our bodies work together, and applying this knowledge to treating my patients, is my passion.

My fascination eventually led to a meeting that changed everything.

In 2015, I met a Brazilian osteopath who enchanted me.  Our meeting changed the course of my not only my career, but my whole life.  

He treated people by integrating osteopathy and Chinese Medicine, something I hadn’t known about until then. The positive results for his patients impressed me so much that I enrolled in the Acupuncture program at Scuola Tao in Bologna, Italy that same year!

There, I finally found explanations for things that puzzled me for years. I began to view the body as a universe inseparable from the nature in which it lives and from which it draws nourishment.

During my previous studies, I’d always wondered why my course work taught how to treat the body one part at a time only, the way we fix only one part of our cars at a time.  

We are so much more than pieces and parts!

Our bodies are a wonderful universe, albeit one full of emotions which often make us sick. Under the right conditions, however, it can heal itself.

It can heal on its own, but sometimes it needs help. 

I love giving people the extra help that takes them from illness to wellness.

It is simply a matter of getting their healing abilities going by working with their Qi (their energy) and re-balancing it.  

During my studies, I learned to speak the language of Chinese medicine, and to integrate the 5 Elements into my life, all with startling results.

I looked at the seasons of the year and saw how each follows a precise course—and us along with it.

For instance, in the spring, some people experience a worsening of symptoms such as gastritis, and some get angry more easily.  

Chinese Medicine correlates this “coincidence” to a disharmony of the element Wood = Spring. I could name many more examples than we have room for here.

We are surrounded by connections that people ignore because they don’t understand that there is a connection. It’s my job, my passion, my pleasure to point it out to you.

Every day, I help people interpret the symptoms their bodies manifests and I can help you too. I love teaching my patients how to be more aware of what happens to their bodies, their minds, and their emotional system.

For me, this is a continuous victory.



2013: Graduation from the Enrico Fermi School in Perugia, Italy with a degree in Physiotherapy.

2018: Graduation from Scuola Tao in Bologna, Italy.

2023: Graduation from White Crane Academy, diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine


Additional Training:

– Deepening Course on Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

– Facial Acupuncture Course

– Introductory Course on Chinese Medicinal Herbs

– Auriculotherapy course

– Courses of Qi Gong (ancient technique related to Chinese Medicine used to circulate Qi = Energy);

– Plantar Reflexology Course

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